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Market Calendar by Category -- 2020/04
Result Announcements
2020/04/0608611Mindtell Technology Limited1ST QTR RES/DIV(3-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/0608353Anacle Systems LimitedRES/DIV(9-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/0700520Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/0708446In Technical Productions Holdings Limited3RD QTR RES/DIV(9-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/0802000SIM Technology Group Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/0906288Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. -DRS INT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/0908412BCI Group Holdings Limited3RD QTR RES/DIV(9-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/0900900Aeon Credit Service (Asia) Co. Ltd.FIN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.29/02/20)
2020/04/0908131abc Multiactive Ltd.1ST QTR RES/INT DIV(3-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/0900273Mason Group Holdings LimitedFIN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/0900553Nanjing Panda Electronic Co. Ltd. - H Shares 1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/0902799China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. - H SharesANN RES/FIN DIV(12-MTH-ENDED31/12/19)
2020/04/0901303Huili Resources (Group) Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/0901252China Tianrui Group Cement Co. Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/0908427SK Target Group Limited3RD QTR RES/DIV(9-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/1308256Netel Technology (Holdings) Ltd. 3RD QTR RES/DIV(9-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/1401011China NT Pharma Group Co. Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1403395Persta Resources Inc.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1408013ECI Technology Holdings LimitedINT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/1408475K Group Holdings LimitedRES/DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/1408383Linocraft Holdings LimitedINT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/1400921Hisense Home Appliances Group Co., Ltd. - H SharesANN RES(12-MTH-ENDED31/12/19)
2020/04/1500144China Merchants Port Holdings Company LimitedANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1501122Qingling Motors Co. Ltd. - H Shares FIN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1500852Strong Petrochemical Holdings Ltd.ANN RES/DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1501859China Bright Culture GroupFIN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1502728Jintai Energy Holdings LimitedANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1501527Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd- H SharesANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1508340Vinco Financial Group Ltd.1ST QTR RES/DIV(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/1500631Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings Co. Ltd.RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/1502727Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd. - H Shares ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1502377China Boqi Environmental (Holding) Co., Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1500947MOBI Development Co., Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1601756Huali University Group LimitedINT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/1601787Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. - H SharesRES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701168Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701280Qidian International Co., Ltd.RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1706833Sinco Pharmaceuticals Holdings LimitedANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1700713World Houseware (Holdings) Ltd. ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1700608High Fashion International Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1706836Tianyun International Holdings Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701296Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited- H SharesANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701107Modern Land (China) Co., Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701928SANDS CHINA LTD.FIN DIV(N/A)
2020/04/1701366Jiangnan Group Ltd.FIN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1708227Xi'an Haitian Antenna Technologies Co., Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701528Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd. - H SharesANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1702280HC Group Inc.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1706865Flat Glass Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares1ST QTR RES/ANN RES/FIN DIV(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20;Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1701064Zhong Hua International Holdings Ltd. RES/DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/1700788China Tower Corporation Limited-H sharesRES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2006188Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd.- H SharesANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2000081China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Ltd.1ST QTR RES(N/A)
2020/04/2000994CT Vision (International) Holdings LimitedANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2002500Venus Medtech (Hangzhou) Inc.- H shareANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2006116Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co., Ltd.-H SharesFIN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2001196Realord Group Holdings Ltd.ANN RES(N/A)
2020/04/2001610COFCO Meat Holdings LimitedANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2003689Guangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co., Ltd.-H sharesANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2008189Tianjin TEDA Biomedical Engineering Co. Ltd. - H Shares FIN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2000830China State Construction Development Holdings LimitedRES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2002329Guorui Properties LimitedANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2001513Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. - H SharesQTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2102068China Aluminum International Engineering Corp. Ltd.-H shares1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2100588Beijing North Star Co. Ltd. - H Shares RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2100719Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. - H Shares RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2100902Huaneng Power International, Inc. - H Shares RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2103606Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. - H SharesANN RES/ANN DIV/QTR RES(Y.E.31/12/19;3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2101211BYD Co. Ltd. - H Shares ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2100285BYD Electronic (International) Co. Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2100522ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2200895Dongjiang Environmental Co. Ltd. - H SharesRES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2201763China Isotope & Radiation Corporation-H sharesANN RES/ANN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2201991Ta Yang Group Holdings Ltd.RES/FIN DIV(17-MTH-ENDED31/12/19)
2020/04/2203331Vinda International Holdings Ltd. 1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2200153China Saite Group Co. Ltd.ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2201375Central China Securities Co., Ltd. - H SharesANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2200382Edvantage Group Holdings LimitedINT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/2200762China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd.RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2201171Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. - H Shares ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2203311China State Construction International Holdings Ltd. 1ST QTR RES(N/A)
2020/04/2208331HangKan Group LimitedANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2200839China Education Group Holdings LimitedINT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/2201310HKBN Ltd.INT RES/INT DIV(6-MTH-ENDED29/02/20)
2020/04/2200814Beijing Jingkelong Co. Ltd. - H Shares RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19;3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2301057Zhejiang Shibao Co. Ltd. - H Shares ANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2302628China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - H Shares 1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2306869Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd. Co. - H ShsANN RES/FIN DIV(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2300998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd. - H SharesQTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2300688China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd.1ST QTR RES(N/A)
2020/04/2302318Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China Ltd. - H Shares 1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2400177Jiangsu Expressway Co. Ltd. - H Shares 1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2406066CSC Financial Co., Ltd.-H shares1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2400715China Oceanwide Holdings Ltd.ANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2401058Guangdong Tannery Ltd.RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2403898Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. - H SharesRES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2402333Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. - H Shares ANN RES/1ST QTR RES/DIV(Y.E.31/12/19;3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2401133Harbin Electric Co. Ltd. - H SharesANN RES(Y.E.31/12/19)
2020/04/2401088China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. - H Shares RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2700124Guangdong Land Holdings LimitedRES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2701199COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2701033Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited- H Shares RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2702202China Vanke Co., Ltd. - H SharesQTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2701065Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co. Ltd.-H Sh1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2802899Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2800386China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation - H Shares1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2800288WH Group Ltd.RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
2020/04/2901055China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd. - H Shares 1ST QTR RES(3-MTH-ENDED31/03/20)
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