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Listed IPOs
Date of ListingCode NameLot SizesOffering Price
2023/01/2002450Huaibei GreenGold Industry Investment Co., Ltd.-H Shares1,5001.910
2023/01/1902306YH Entertainment Group3,0004.080
2023/01/1702459Sanergy Group Limited2,0001.600
2023/01/1702455Runhua Living Service Group Holdings Limited2,0001.700
2023/01/1602373Beauty Farm Medical and Health Industry Inc.50019.320
2023/01/1602411Shenzhen Pagoda Industria(Group) Corporation Limited- H Shares5005.600
2023/01/1602458Gala Technology Holding Limited4006.500
2023/01/1302147Zhengwei Group Holdings Company Limited4,0000.680
2023/01/1202402Beijing SinoHytec Co., Ltd.-H Shares5060.000
2023/01/0902469Fenbi Ltd.5009.900
2022/12/3009658Super Hi International Holding Ltd.1,000N/A
2022/12/3003896Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited2,000N/A
2022/12/3006955Shandong Boan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.-H Shares20019.800
2022/12/3006922Cryofocus Medtech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.- H Shares20018.900
2022/12/3002425AustAsia Group Ltd.1,0006.400
2022/12/2906698STAR CM Holdings Limited40026.500
2022/12/2902427Guanze Medical Information Industry (Holding) Co., Ltd.5,0000.530
2022/12/2307855TechStar Acquisition Corporation110,00010.000
2022/12/2306929OrbusNeich Medical Group Holdings Limited5008.800
2022/12/2300314Sipai Health Technology Co., Ltd.20018.600
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