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Listed IPOs
Date of ListingCode NameLot SizesOffering Price
2022/09/0506689Chongqing Hongjiu Fruit Co., Limited- H Shares10040.000
2022/09/0102315Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd.- H Shares50025.220
2022/08/2501880China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited- H Shares100158.000
2022/08/2402152Suxin Joyful Life Services Co., Ltd.- H Shares5008.600
2022/08/1902321SWANG CHAI CHUAN LIMITED5,0000.560
2022/08/1507841HK ACQUISITION CORPORATION115,00010.000
2022/08/1009857Linmon Media Limited10027.750
2022/07/1802237China Graphite Group Limited10,0000.325
2022/07/1502418Deewin Tianxia Co., Ltd- H Shares1,5001.800
2022/07/1502172MicroPort NeuroTech Limited1,00024.640
2022/07/1501204BoardWare Intelligence Technology Limited2,0001.080
2022/07/1306661Huzhou Gas Co., Ltd. - H Shares5006.080
2022/07/1309896MINISO Group Holding Limited20013.800
2022/07/1309696Tianqi Lithium Corporation- H Shares20082.000
2022/07/1306686Noah Holdings Private Wealth and Asset Management Limited20292.000
2022/07/1202385Readboy Education Holding Company Limited4007.600
2022/07/1202361Sinohealth Holdings Limited5005.360
2022/07/0802392Xuan Wu Cloud Technology Holdings Limited5006.240
2022/07/0802376Lushang Life Services Co., Ltd.5005.920
2022/07/0802297Rainmed Medical Limited1,0006.240
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