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Listed IPOs
Date of ListingCode NameLot SizesOffering Price
2021/01/1502146Roiserv Lifestyle Services Co., Ltd. - H Shares50013.460
2021/01/1502125Strawbear Entertainment Group1,0005.880
2021/01/1501643Modern Chinese Medicine Group Co., Ltd. 3,0001.180
2021/01/1502158Yidu Tech Inc.10026.300
2021/01/1301440Deyun Holding Ltd.5,0000.400
2021/01/1302153Tat Hong Equipment Service Co., Ltd2,0001.730
2021/01/1302129Legion Consortium Limited5,0000.400
2021/01/1308489Grand Power Logistics Group Limited5,0000.740
2021/01/0601855ZONBONG LANDSCAPE Environmental Limited2,0002.000
2021/01/0609600Newlink Technology Inc.8004.360
2020/12/3102156C&D Property Management Group Co., Ltd1,000N/A
2020/12/3001379Wenling Zhejiang Measuring and Cutting Tools Trading Centre Company Limited- H Shares5006.250
2020/12/3001945Zero2IPO Holdings Inc.40011.000
2020/12/2901940China Gas Industry Investment Holdings Co. Ltd.2,0001.370
2020/12/2902127Huisen Household International Group Limited2,0001.770
2020/12/2802135Raily Aesthetic Medicine International Holdings Limited10,0000.400
2020/12/2306690Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd. - H Shares 200N/A
2020/12/2101167Jacobio Pharmaceuticals Group Co., Ltd. - B30014.000
2020/12/1802148Vesync Co., Ltd1,0005.520
2020/12/1706677Sino-Ocean Service Holding Limited5005.880
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